Metal Processing Services

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Metal Processing Services

CBC Specialty Metals uses modern machinery and highly trained professionals to perform all shearing and precision sawing services. All other metal processing services are performed by our sister company, CBC Metals Processing. We only perform the services that we possess the expertise for, thus ensuring our customers receive the highest quality processing services at the best possible prices.

We have over 60 years of experience processing metals, with no job being too small or too big.


MaterialThicknessWidthLengthCutting Tolerance
Stainless Steel.015″ to 3/16″12″ to 60″1″ to 120″± 0.010″
Aluminum.015″ to 1/4″12″ to 60″1″ to 120″± 0.010″
Copper.015″ to 1/4″12″ to 60″1″ to 120″± 0.010″
Brass.015″ to 1/4″12″ to 60″1″ to 120″± 0.010″
Zinc.015″ to 1/4″12″ to 60″1″ to 120″± 0.010″

At CBC Specialty Metals, we use a Fabmaster hydraulic swing beam shear for all our shearing jobs. We inspect and maintain our shear exactly as specified by the manufacturer to ensure it produces only the finest quality shearing.

Precision Sawing

CBC Specialty Metals is proud to offer precision sawing on all our non-ferrous metal products. We use a fully automatic Kasto for ultimate precision. For our tubes, and pipes, we use a high quality German made deburring machine to ensure smoothness around all our cuts.

MaterialFlat BarRound BarTube/PipeHexAngleChannel
Stainless Steel5″8″5″6″6″6″

Slitting and Edge Conditioning

At CBC Metals Processing, our experienced operators allow us to perform slitting operations to mill specified tolerances to the precise size of sheet, coil, or strip that you require, minimizing scrap and maximizing value.

  • Thickness Capability: 0.003″ to 0.125″
  • Minimum Width: Please Contact Us
  • Maximum Width: 60″

Custom Rewinding

Please contact us for more information on our custom rewinding services.


CBC Metals Processing only uses the highest caliber of equipment and people to perform sheet cutting services. We have cut millions of pounds of sheets for customers across North America, and we never disappoint.

  • Thickness Capability: 0.015″ to 1/8″
  • Maximum Width: 60″
  • Minimum Width: Please Contact Us
  • Maximum Length: Please Contact Us
  • Minimum Length: Please Contact Us